Currently, Players can roleplay as three different races. However, if players wish to write up a new race place it in with the workshop channel in the discord for staff to review! 

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Having lived in the old world for a long time and having thoroughly flourished and industrialized, Humans per capita have the largest population. Albeit diverse because of the Nations' cultures and locations, they hail from, They share the same features. They are also generally well rounded compared to other races. 

Nation of Origin

No matter the journey, Players will come from one of two places, either the Old World or the New World.

The Old World, mostly civilized and with a dense population, is more technologically advanced. Following old maps and a wish to further explore one nation, The Mother Empire, commonly shortened to the Empire or the Motherland, dared to send its men across the largely uncharted seas. 

The New World is sparsely populated, with small towns or villages popping up where the resources allowed or in a place of strategic importance. Players from can expect an upbringing from native tribes, the newly colonized areas, or from well reserved old civilizations.      

The Empire

The Mother Empire, commonly shortened to the Empire or the Motherland, is a long-standing nation slowed down by their broken bureaucracy. They make their way through things by having the largest gold reserves of all of those around them. However, economically sound, they continuously held down themselves by the process of bureaucrats requiring the constant consent of other bureaucrats. They were the first Old World nation to make it to the New World. However, this is due to members of the Military Expeditionary Force, forcing their way there. 

The Motherland's culture is a mix of German and English. Their language is called "Common," mainly taking from modern English. It has a blend of germanic phrases and words in it. The people are very diverse, with people on The Isle being of Anglo descent and Saxo's people being from Saxo. Their economy is diverse to meet the needs of the heavily industrialized nature.

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