District 01 Resurgence

Unmoderated Cyberpunk Roleplay

After the fall of Eurasia and the defaults on their loans, the server was kept up for players to continue to play on and enjoy. The server's website was kept archived for people to view.


Those who wish to still roleplay on it are more welcome to. However, please note there are no staff to assist you at this time.


Safe Haven

Sumer Camp Roleplay for Charity

A server planned to be a charity server based around Summer Camp, We'd be donating money to Feeding America (https://www.feedingamerica.org/) so that people who are going hungry during COVID can get more access to food via foodbanks.



Build the Emipre or Start Your Adventure

A more rough take on the roleplaying server. This towny server will be bringing in more of the aspects of Minecraft to allow players to mine and build at will rather than focus on completely on roleplay the entire time. However, roleplay will be encouraged for people to advance and gain certain materials needed. More lore will be Posted Soon.


A Worlds End

Lord Of the Rings Roleplay

A Lord of the Rings mod pack. For more information visit their discord and check out the technic modpack.


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