Lane County, Colorado

Redwick is one of those towns that get lost in the sea of everything. Being a small close-knit town helped it stay alive during tough times. Holding a couple of different attractions it's mostly a tourist town. The main attraction is Gerard Monetti's Castle. However in the summer many kids from around the country flock to Camp Meteo, whose motto is "A summer camp for those of every background".



"A summer camp for those of every background."

Started in 1967 by Gerard Monetti, Founder of Monetti Industries, the summer camp was made to help the youth be able to get to know people from all over the country. He would reach out to different parts of the country holding events to find people willing to come to the summer camp to meet people who live in completely different cultures, backgrounds, and conditions. As time went on the camp grew and grew. This year is meant to be the biggest one yet! With him reaching out to about 550 places across all 50 states and several of the US territories.


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