To Keep Everyone Safe


  1. You must be over 14 years of age or older to play on this server. This is to ensure that our players possess the desired level of maturity necessary to deal with certain violent or mature themes on the server.

  2. Griefing, defined as the intentional, malicious destruction or modification of property that does NOT belong to you, is an automatically bannable offense. The length and extent of the ban depends on the amount of damage done. There is no circumstance under which it is permitted, out of character or during roleplay. If you have any doubts whatsoever as to whether or not an action is permitted, please contact a staff member for clarification and/or assistance. Repeated griefing or multiple, frequent reports of griefing will be met with a permanent ban, with no chance of player reprieve.

  3. Chests are not subject to the same rules as those outlined in griefing. Unprotected chests are subject to looting at any time. Accordingly, we advise our players to protect their chests with a sign labeled [Private] at all times.

  4. Do not spam nor advertise in chat channels. Do not advertise on the forums or any media of communications associated with the Frontier Roleplay Server. Those found doing so will be permabanned. Use private message if you wish to discuss another server with another player.

  5. Do not ask for staff ranks in-game, Op, or similar. Applications are available on the forum.

  6. Treat all players with respect – being rude and disrespectful to staff and players will get you a warning. This includes harassment, slander, bullying, insults and/or slurs based on (race, gender, religion, etc.). Additionally, intentionally inflammatory content posted with the intent of provoking strong reactions from others (“trolling”) is strictly prohibited.

  7. No cheats or exploits. Optifine, minimaps, and MorePlayerModels are allowed. Banned hacks include fly or xray mods. Players caught in the act of hacking will be permanently banned. Use your better judgement.

  8. Do not exploit the server. If you find an exploit, notify staff immediately. Exploiting the server can get you banned. Utilization of ‘macro’ or Keybind scripts is strictly prohibited. This falls under exploitation.

  9. You are responsible for your account and the IP addresses tied to it. If you are banned, your IP and all accounts associated will be banned. Never give another individual access to your account.


  1. Political discourse is not permitted on the server. SANE political discussion is, however, permitted on our Discord server in the specified channel. Any political discussion there that becomes too heated, however, is subject to termination according to appropriate staff discretion.

  2. Swearing is allowed in roleplay, but please keep it at a tolerable level. Avoid excessive caps and swearing every other word during RP.

  3. If at any time you need to speak out-of-character during roleplay, surround your text in double brackets, ((like so)). This should NOT detract from the roleplay at hand.

  4. No derogatory, vulgar, obscene, offensive language, words, or controversial comments may be made in global chat (OOC) This is to keep the chat civil and inclusive of all individuals, including younger players.


The Owner reserves the right to arbitrarily ban you from the community.
(1) Violation of any of the above rules will result in either a ban, kick, mute, or temporary ban.
(2) In most cases, staff will contact the offender before a ban is in place. However, depending on the situation, staff may ban the offender without reason or explanation.
(3) If you are banned, your appeal must be made in the correct location. If the appeal is submitted to the wrong location, it will be ignored.
(4) Staff will not discuss ban appeals in game nor reasonings for bans unless it is to clarify to the general community about the server rules.
(5) Lifting bans is entirely at the discretion of the administration. Your ban appeal is a privilege, not a right. Treat it as such.


  1. Please remain within the realm of current lore. Be realistic in your roleplay.

  2. This is a roleplay server; roleplaying is a prerequisite for playing. As such, we require that during roleplay scenarios, all players stay within character. This includes checking out other factions or towns, even those hosted by hostile groups, or exploring dangerous locations. Staff and players are not to accept, "I am ooc." as an excuse, with the only exception being staff at a location for staff-related work. If you are caught somewhere where you should  NOT be, there will be in-character consequences.

  3. Players are forbidden from avoiding roleplay for the purpose of evading in character consequences to their characters. You cannot suddenly switch a character or log out to avoid repercussions. Doing so will result in a warning. Repeated offenses may result in removal from roleplay, or a temporary ban from roleplaying.

  4. Please see the Extended Server Rules for policy regarding AFKing during roleplay. In general, we advise that players remove themselves from roleplay altogether. In combat roleplay, AFKing for any extended period of time will result in automatic staff removal. Absence of consent due to being AFK is an automatic forfeiture of right to roleplay in the specific roleplay scenario.

  5. Your skin and name should be appropriate and conducive to adequate roleplay. Players with inappropriate names or skins will be removed from both roleplay and the server until changes are made.

  6. Players are only permitted to play three accepted races: Human, Augmented Human (Cyborg), or Android. Pets, either OOCly or IRPly, cannot and will not provide any in-character, roleplaying benefits. In short, abide by all character creation guidelines.

  7. Erotic roleplay is not permitted on the server. Please keep all erotic roleplay confined to external platforms such as private Discord servers, or personal media outlets such as Skype.

  8. Criminal roleplay, while permitted, and even encouraged to assist in diversifying the Frontier’s roleplay environment, carries heavy consequences. Players should be aware that criminal roleplay carries in-character risks of death, detainment, or imprisonment. To avoid meta-gaming, the criminal party must: provide acceptable opportunity for trace-back, and accept in-character consequences. Non criminal character are not permitted to meta-game criminal activity. Substantial evidence and/or reason is required to begin hunting a criminal.

  9. Players must have a valid reason to kill, maim, or otherwise injure other characters in any fashion. This is to prevent arbitrary player violence

  10. Roleplaying with physical or mental conditions: Players who are roleplaying as characters with physical or mental conditions are required to uphold that condition for the entirety of their roleplay, with no exceptions. While these conditions can be treated over extensive periods of time, therapy is NOT the same as a cure (the symptoms of a condition can be slightened via very extensive roleplay processes, but cannot be removed entirely). We highly encourage players to research their character’s condition before roleplaying to garner a better idea of how to appropriately represent the specified condition within in-character thoughts and actions.

  11. If a player is killed in the course of roleplay events, optional cloning at a cloning facility is provided. However, characters will lose exactly two weeks of memory prior to their death, including all memory of actions taken during that two week period. No loss of funds or property is incurred. While all items stored in a separate residence are exempt, items on hand may or not be considered lost, depending on the nature of the roleplay.  Death in the normal course of playing Minecraft (OOC, e.g. fall damage or drowning) does not count as an in-character death.

  12. No powergaming: Powergaming is generally having an overpowered or unrealistic character that can somehow always beat others in anything they do, or on the reversal, never be harmed or lose at what they do. Your character has strengths and weaknesses, you must follow them and act accordingly. Additionally, you may not force another character that is not yours to do something, all actions must be attempted actions.

  13. No meta-gaming: Metagaming is defined as using knowledge your character would not have reason to know; such as using OOC knowledge in roleplay to benefit your own characters actions. An example is finding out about the hidden location of a criminal group in an outside chat, so that you can find them and get the bounty, all the while your character has heard nothing about this group, much less their crimes.

  14. Alternate accounts are highly discouraged. In the event you consider roleplaying as an alternate character, the following rules apply: (a) NO interaction of any kind is permitted between either player-owned character. While player alternate accounts may be part of the same faction, knowledge of existence and or/employment is the ONLY form of knowledge alternate accounts may have with one another. Alternate accounts may not interact with any of each other’s possessions, property, or material belongings. Knowledge specific to one alternate account may NOT be transferred via any method to another alternate account, in order to prevent serious metagaming. Players who violate any of the above conditions will be forbidden from playing on alternate characters and accounts. Repeat violation will result in further disciplinary action, whether that be a ban from roleplaying or from the server altogether, or deletion of items in the case of item transference, depending on the severity of the violation or sequence of violations. All alternate accounts must have express staff approval, outside of the standard character application. Staff reserves the right to terminate future roleplay and/or completely void previous roleplay by alternate accounts at any time.


P.V.P. is permitted under the following circumstances only:

  1. All players involved have consented beforehand. Roleplay combat is default when any member chooses to decline.

  2. Organized player combat events are permissible. Only those players involved in the organized event will P.V.P. All other players are protected.

  3. Illegally another player, without their consent, will result in the return of all items if necessary, and action by staff (a kick, temban, or other disciplinary measure).

  4. If a situation arises in combat roleplay, during which two players cannot come to an agreement as to a course of fate for one player character, or the legitimacy of an action,  staff members are available for counsel and moderation. A decision can or will be made by a staff member using all facts presented, in the case of indecision regarding character fate.


The server does not condone nor allow sexual exploitation of minors, either through roleplay or OOC interaction via our server, chat, or forums. Should an individual be suspected of underage sexual interaction with another, the issue will be investigated and appropriate actions taken. We however do not moderate or control chat and interaction outside of our immediate control.

Minors are anyone under 18 years of age. To keep this server a safe and friendly environment, any content which elicits, invites, counsels or incites a young person to engage in sexual activities is prohibited. All content which advocates for the sexual exploitation of a young person is prohibited.

Subjects such as sexual abuse, rape, incest, and exploitation of minors is prohibited in roleplay, the forums, and to be mentioned in chat. We do not tolerate abuse of this rule. Do not bring these topics onto the server, nor condone them. Violating this rule will get you a ban. Depending on the severity and nature of the offense, we may be compelled to report you and your information to the appropriate authorities.

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